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OCTOBER 2019 ISSUE is out there

November 2019 issue info:
Deadline: Wednes
day 9th October
Mails out: Tuesday 15th October

I have worked with Terry @ The Jazz Guide for around 5 years and have been totally impressed with his efficiency, initiative and positive and helpful attitudes. His recent introduction of an ambitious but user-friendly website for ‘The Jazz Guide’ is a huge achievement on its own which offers new and invaluable opportunities to the jazz community. I enjoy his friendly company and appreciate his tireless devotion to the cause. I would recommend him as an invaluable friend to anyone involved in the jazz scene in the UK, Europe or beyond. ...Digby Fairweather.

“Running a monthly Jazz Club and annual Jazz Festival is greatly aided by the “Jazz Guide” publication and their website. It is a essential vehicle to enhance the awareness of the music, performers and events we devote our time to promote and organise and its publication has and does contribute to our success.
The friendly, considerate expertise provided by the Jazz Guide team is exemplary and well worth the expenditure. Our events are greatly aided by their initiative and technical expertise which is very much evidenced by the demand from our audiences for every edition of the publication” ...Graham & Maggie Smith - Pershore Jazz

Upton Jazz has been advertising with the Jazz Guide for many years. It’s the place our jazz fans go for news of the festival. The Jazz Guide website has been great in featuring our news, our bands and bringing our event to life. Many thanks from all at Upton Jazz,   ...Jon Parsons - Upton Jazz