Coronavirus Update

We are getting more and more enquiries/feedback regards a Kickstart date, but, at present, although word from the top is that the Government is starting pilots (not sure if Easyjet or Ryanair at this stage) in some venues, full reasons/intentions for these are unclear at this time.

Points were raised by authorities regards singing and the blowing of instruments, but we have also heard they have received updated feedback that this should not be interpreted as a threat and the matter is being reconsidered.

Another stipulation/consideration is that bands should be on stage and professional??????  Make of that what you will.

Consensus of opinion is that, thus far, venues have not been forthcoming with their plans to comply with restrictions/recommendations.  Such information regards adjusted attendance figures to comply with social distancing is paramount to the 'Kickstart'.  Until these figures are relayed to prospective promoters, there is little hope of calculating finances and evaluating viability. It is a possibility that permitted attendance restrictions would need to result in price hikes for jazzers.  Some might be happy to stump up for an early start - some might see it as an additional price to pay with a risk-on factor.

We must avoid provoking a second wave of this unwelcome virus, and, equally, the scene does not need to suffer stop/start of live sessions.  Both scenarios must be a paramount factor, frustrating though it is.

We know from the amount of calls we receive that many out there are highly frustrated.  Conversely, we expect there are lots of jazzers out there who may not be ready to dip their toes in the scene until they are clear in their own mind that it is safe to do so.  Very much a personal choice which must be respected.

One thing we are upbeat about is that there are lots of folk out there KEEN to arrive at the point where they feel safe and confident to see some sort of normalisation.