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Emily Bacon's Good Time Gang

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Paul and Liz were formerly known as "The Mississippi Dreamboats" However time has seen the band evolve and their
daughter Emily on piano and vocals is now heading up "The Good Time Gang". They are still rooted in the New Orleans
style of jazz, surrounding themselves with musicians who are inspired by the Good Time Bands of the 40s, 50s and 60s.
Jeff Milner on trombone is a true exponent of the Jim Robinson style from the George Lewis Band and Liz continues to
be inspired by George Lewis. Sarah Thatcher on banjo and tenor guitar works in a great partnership with Spike Kennedy
on bass and Paul on the drums, playing the solid beat of the dance halls of New Orleans. Emily's vocal repertoire includes
well known jazz standards, blues and spirituals.
Paul, Liz and Emily are also available as individual guests for other bands.

We can provide 4/5/6/7 piece jazz bands.
We will travel anywhere to play our music.
We use Fender Passport and Roland BA-330 P.A. plus Alto Live 802 Mixer and quality microphones (with P.A.T. Certificates).

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