Sarah Spencer's Sax N' Bone Band

Jazzamatazz calendar_today 07 Apr 2024 at 12:30 PM place Ansty, Coventry Admission £10

On a gig with the Harlem Jazz Orchestra, Zoltan and Sarah were talking and Zoltan said that he wanted to play a New Orleans Revival-style gig with himself and Sarah. Inspired, Sarah has formed a band of some of the best musicians in the UK who play in that idiom. She decided to highlight the 2-reed front line and go without a trumpet player but, instead, have Mike Owen join them, which makes the band about as authentic in the New Orleans dance hall style as possible.

Sarah Spencer - reeds, Zoltan Sagi - reeds, Mike Owen - trombone, Tom ‘Spats’ Langham - banjo/guitar, Jim Swinnerton - string bass, Graham Smith – drums