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The Select Six is an exciting and accomplished band with a wide repertoire, a strong ensemble sound and exciting soloists.   Their programme strike all the right chords in many moods; from the poignant melancholy of the blues to the joy of a good-time vaudeville song; from the mellow emotions of a romantic ballad to the abandoned ebullience of a street right of of New Orleans and the rollicking rhythms of boogie-woogie.   With a front line that includes Bobby Fox and John Wurr you can expect an enthralling performance and plenty of high spirits.

Band Personnel:
John Shillito - trumpet
John Wurr -
Jim Douglas - guitar / banjo
Derek Maughan -
Pete Furnis -
Bobby Fox -

John Shillito - I was in my early teens when a cousin of mine played me recordings of two of the great musicians of the golden age of jazz - Sidney Bechet and Jelly Roll Morton - on a wind-up gramophone.   I was immediately bitten by the jazz bug!   It was the raw excitement of the soprano sax playing of Bechet first stopped me in my tracks; but it wasn't long before I was marvelling at the music of some of the great early trumpeters like "King" Oliver, Louis Armstrong and Red Allen.   I soon discovered later recordings from the New Orleans "revival" period and the playing of "rediscovered" musicians like Bunk Johnson and Kid Howard of the George Lewis band particularly captivated me.    I just could not get enough of the stuff!   And I was not content with just listening - I wanted to play it too! It wasn't long before i found out where jazz could be heard "live" in and around Sheffield and although I was still well "under age" I became a regular visitor to the pubs and other venues where it was being played.   Some bands even let me sit in!   They were extremely encouraging and - I must say - very tolerant!   At the jazz haunts I met up with other aspiring young musicians.   Most were students like me and I organised my first jazz band with them.

John Wurr - biog

Jin Douglas - biog

Derrick Maughan- biog

Pete Furness - biog

Bobby Fox - biog




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