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We may have already performed at your venue in the past and we thank you. If you enjoy our type of Hot Jazz - New Orleans Style, then consider booking us at your club or festival. We are still taking bookings, so if you are anticipating booking us, I would advise you to book early.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, there have been changes to the band over the years due to illness and musicians passing away.

Add to that the difficulty of getting the right guys for the job, we have had to become selective about the gigs we do, so as to avoid the band being a ‘telephone band’ and so that the Gambit Jazzmen stay true to their preferred musical style.

A Little Bit About Us…

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The band is led by drummer Pete Lay.  Pete has played with such notables as Ken Colyer, both as a dep and then as a member of Ken’s band for four years, and with the Bill Brunskill Jazzmen, both abroad and at the Lord Napier in Thornton Heath. He has also been a regular visitor to New Orleans where he played with Chris Tyle’s Silver Leaf Jazz Band and has made many friends in the city.

John Maddocks – (Clarinet, alto and tenor sax) - Formerly with his Black Bottom Stompers, and now leads his own jazzmen. John joined the Gambit Jazzmen in 2016. He is a very accomplished musician who, although influenced by the great clarinettists of New Orleans, Johnny has a style that is very much his own. He also plays alto sax and tenor sax and is featured on these instruments. He also plays with the Jelly Roll Kings and many who crave his services. He is a very popular player with the U.K. jazz audiences.

Iain McAulay – (Trombone) - Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, Iain played with many top Scottish bands before his daytime job took him to Newcastle before retiring to the capital and then resurrecting his trombone playing on the local jazz scene. He had depped for many trombonists until he joined the Sussex Jazz Kings in 2015 and later joined the Gambit Jazzmen

Alan Gresty is on cornet. It is a pleasure to have him in the band. He spent over 25 years with the  Monty Sunshine Jazz Band. He formed his Ragtimers along with Brian White to play the Muggsy Spanier/Bob Crosby song book and he also plays in the French Quarter All Stars.

John Arthy – (string bass) – John took over from Roger Link when he retired from playing due to arthritis. John’s pedigree goes before him. Was leader of the Pasadena Roof Orchestra for nearly 40 years. Also plays with Alan Gresty in the Ragtimers and French Quarter. 

Andy Maynard – (banjo/guitar) – Andy was recruited to the banjo seat nearly twelve years ago. Andy is a professional musician and one could say he’s one of the younger members of the band. Andy started off with the Elite Jazz Band in the late ’60s, joined the Phoenix Jazz Band in 1974 and was with them until the band folded in 1979. He depped with the early versions of the Gambit Jazzmen, but was later recruited to Sonny Morris and the Delta Jazz Band. After Sonny’s death, he continued with the Delta Jazz Band and has since been busily working with nearly everyone!   

The Gambit Jazzmen are no strangers to the festival and jazz club circuit. We have toured Germany and Holland, which was a huge success and represented the UK at the Enkhuizen Jazz Festival. We were invited to play at the ‘Davos Sounds Good’ festival in Switzerland, three times.

The band will be hosting two Warner Jazz Breaks in 2024 and 2025, namely Sinah Warren,  and Gunton Hall. Another jazz weekend is their ‘Winter Jazz Party’ at Sand Bay in February 2025. 

More details @: Gunton Hall 2024:  
@ Sinah Warren 2025:
@ Pontins Sand Bay 2025:

We look forward to your venue being on our date sheet.

Pete Lay. Tel: 01737 822726 or email: [email protected]

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Gambit Jazzmen

Gambit Jazzmen

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