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April 18 Jpegs

April Jazz Guide has mailed out and is on its way to you.
48 pages of Live Jazz to enjoy - NEW VENUES ~ BANDS & EVENTS
Don't forget, website only contains a fraction of what is printed in Jazz Guide Mag.
Apologies to those advertisers who missed the deadline for the April issue - we could probably have filled another 4 pages.
This is particularly frustrating when we put in so much effort to grow the choice on offer.
We shall be emailing advertisers regarding the importance of the print production deadline - latecomers cause considerable  delays!
PLEASE make sure you get all your information to us in plenty of time.
Thanking you in anticipation.

Analytical stats are shown on our home page slideshow (at top). We have offered these, without prejudice, to any would-be advertisers wishing to justify spending their budget with us.  Easy for us to say, but Jazz Guide really is great value for money. 
We urge all past, present and new advertisers to upgrade to the website facility to promote YOUR jazz events/services - details below.
We are planning for more exciting developments in 2018, so jump on board and help us promote the world of jazz - we think you'll be impressed, but you'll never know until you give it a try!

Reasons to Subscribe to or advertise with Jazz Guide
The Subscriber:

The Jazz Guide team work hard to promote and expand the horizons of the jazz world.
The monthly magazine publishes a myriad of live jazz events in the UK and beyond.
So, whether you are looking for a live jazz venue for an evening’s outing, a Jazz Break or even a Jazz Holiday, we have a great selection for you and we work hard to expand your choices.
For a £10 annual subscription, you receive your full colour Jazz Guide through your letterbox monthly.
We launched our website to help us spread the word and to show a wider variety of live music 'out there'.
We strongly advise you keep in regular touch with the website for all sorts of updates, news and jazzing around - we hope you find it both entertaining and informative..

The Advertiser: Bands/Venues/Services
Monthly full colour publication, typically around 40+ pages, goes out to around 8,000 dedicated ‘Jazzers’ - hence a targeted audience.
Advertisers of jazz events can be sure their message is reaching the very people likely to attend, or make use of their services.
Our aim is to unite the jazz scene by offering a wide selection  of jazz music and we are constantly trying to attract new advertisers to achieve this objective.
Very competitive - starting from just £15 per issue for venue and band spotlights, rising to £150 for a full page advert. Double page spreads are our most expensive advert at £260.
We offer a FREE artwork service for all advertisers, but you are welcome to supply your own. Contact us to a request a copy of Jazz Guide.
In addition, all adverts entitle you to a slot in our diary section for all your gigs throughout the month of advertising.
A monthly spend of just £40 entitles you to FREE website coverage. Our website currently attracts in excess of 12,000 pageviews per month and has grown in popularity since its launch in April 2016.
Levels of website coverage increase with advertising spend to include direct booking links, slideshows and news items to further promote your events.
Please feel free to explore the site for yourself and see if it will work for YOU!
This facility is a VERY attractive feature for Bands keen to widen their chances of attracting new customers.
Even more so for those bands without their own website. It was one of our main reasons for launching the site.
The £40 monthly spend affords them  their own slot on our website without having to go to the expense of having their own website built and then having to find time to keep it updated.
How simple is it?
Just send in your qualifying ad (minimum £40 per issue) and you will get...
a 68x62mm full colour ad designed and published;
all your gigs displayed in the diary section of The Jazz Guide;
plus - on the website, an entry under the live gigs tabs in date order with a geographical search facility;
an entry under the Bands & Artists tab including an alphabetical search facility, leading to your own dedicated page of the site with band details, booking contacts, photo, descriptive text of style and biography plus slideshows, posters, youtube facility and more.
Plus a pack of FREE Jazz Guides to hand out to further promote your services.

This really is an amazing opportunity to put YOUR band in a much bigger window of opportunity.
What’s to lose?

Don’t look for a reason not to get involved - be positive. If it doesn’t work for you, pull out!

GENERAL in its 46th year!
As well as continually trying to attract new subscribers, we also send out packs of Jazz Guides for our advertisers to distribute at their events. We are aware that some jazzers out there like to gamble on getting a free copy at their local venue - fair enough, but they are usually the most vociferous if they miss out. We would like to take this opportunity to point out that £10 per year doesn’t even cover the production/admin/postage/cheque charges. It is a service we provide to ensure advertisers that we are doing our best to ensure the widest possible coverage for their investment. 
We are continually asked to send out larger packs to venues, but this will ultimately and inevitably lead to higher costs for all.
With this in mind, we strongly and respectfully believe that potential jazzing subscribers see an annual £10 outlay as fantastic value and take on board a positive outlook.

We always try to remain non-political and positive.
Our facebook and twitter feeds show youtubes from all around the world to showcase all that’s on offer in the wide genre of the jazz world.
View figures for this facility are not included in our pageview count.

IF YOU THINK WE COULD HELP YOU - please contact us.

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